William Vaughan, an award-winning artist, writer and director, has spent years creating CG characters and other content for just about every type of medium— books, television, films, games, toys and more. A self-professed zombie fan, Vaughan had an idea for a unique character: a friendly zombie named Tofu, who has a taste for vegetables and grains rather than human flesh.

In 2003, Vaughan began to develop his Tofu concept with a back story and some digital models of the would-be cast. That same year, a 2D animated Tofu the Vegan Zombie short was released online, and the character starting gaining an audience.

In 2007, Vaughan worked with his students at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School at Universal Studios to create the award winning animated short “Zombie Dearest”. Also that year, Vaughan starting working with Applehead Factory and Varner Studios on the Tofu vinyl toy that was first showcased at the 2007 Toy Fair in New York and released the following year at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.

Tofu the Vegan Zombie has since graced the covers and pages of several magazines and continues to grow its fan base. Vaughan is continuing to pursue the entertainment market, aiming for a Tofu TV series and console game. Meanwhile, Tofu continues to make quite an impression online and at conventions.

Vaughan continues to breathe new life into the character he created in his virtual laboratory, so stay tuned for more Tofu goodness to follow.

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